The adept photographer’s ability to capture a special moment in time or a breathtaking scene that they happen upon has always fascinated me. For the most part, I was absorbed by the unique colours, shapes and patterns captured in the frame, but over time this developed into a questioning of what was actually going on in the scene. As a young boy I remember looking at photos in books and magazines and being lost in thoughts of who, what, where and most significantly…why.

A move to Australia’s Red Centre when I was in my late 20’s inspired me to buy my first DSLR. What began as a casual, occasional pastime changed significantly for me when I stumbled upon my first analogue camera a couple of years later. I started to play around with an old Pentax SLR and soon after became obsessed with the nostalgia of film and vintage cameras. DSLR, TLR, SLR, Rangefinder….they all became new play things and I was hooked on what could be achieved in creatively controlling aperture and shutter speed, combined with the random flukiness of film in a vintage body. An obsession to collect vintage bodies also developed rapidly. Since this time I have been absorbed with using both digital and analogue mediums, although like many photographers, the ease and convenience of digital often wins out.

Style wise, I have not gravitated too strongly towards any particular photographic style, however I particularly enjoy shooting portraits, documentary and landscape photographs. I continue to get behind the lens as often as possible and have a great desire to improve at the craft of producing memorable images that impact upon those that view them.

Achievements and Training

  • I am a self taught amateur photographer
  • Capture Magazine, Emerging Photographer 2017 8th Place, Documentary Highly Commended, Portraiture
  • Inclusion in New England High Country Book Project (2018)
  • Finalist Heritage Bank Photography Prize (2017 and 2019)
  • Overall Winner Glen Innes Photography Prize (2018)
  • Inverell Photography Prize,  Winner Landscapes (2018)
  • Exhibited at New England Regional Art Gallery (2018); Armidale Art Gallery (2017/18); The Alternate Route Cafe – Uralla NSW (2017/18)
  • Highly Commended Australian Photography ‘Mono Awards’ (2019)
  • Published in New England Focus Magazine (2018-2020)
  • Published in New England Living Magazine ‘Corrugated Cathedrals’ Article and photography (2019)