Wandering through the Warrumbungles

Shadowing the sleepy township of Coonabarabran in the far Central West of NSW, the Warrambungles are stand formidable in a unique landscape. The remnants of a large heavily eroded shield volcano the name Warrambunle comes from the local Kamilaroi language meaning ‘crooked mountains’. The area features a number of jagged outcrops in a roughly circular formation. Some of the most impressive of these can be viewed from a mountaintop lookout know as the Grand High Tops. Getting to this viewpoint is quite a slog as you trudge around 7km with the last section climbing steeply uphill. On my visit to the area I camped the night just below the Grand High Tops and was fortunate enough to take in a magical sunset and sunrise. Another wonderful feature of the area is that it is a registered Dark Sky Park with limited light polution making the night sky come alive with sensational views of the stars.